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Crossfit Argonaut. We are a family here. It makes my heart happy to be around these people who are filled with so much positivity and who always encourage one another. It's not about being better than someone else - it's about your own personal progress and also the progress you see in the people you're surrounded by. We cannot compare ourselves to others - that can create things inside that just aren't pretty. I came across something the other day that said, "Should you ever find yourself the victim of other people's insecurities, bitterness, or bad attitude... Just remember, things could be worse. You could be them." Although I personally think that last part is a bit harsh, the point is that we can't be worrying so much about what other people think. We can't beat ourselves up over things other people create in their own head. All we can do is keep pressing on and being the best we can be - and helping others along the way. This picture is such a great representation of our Argonaut family. We aren't here just to see personal progress/success, but also the progress/success of others. I am proud to be an Argonaut.
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You have been our biggest fan and our best role model. You have shown us what hard work looks like and that determination and persistency is the key to our progress/success, as well as how to endure through tough times with positivity. We're thoughtful, caring, and loving because you're thoughtful, caring, and loving. You've shown us so many things over the years that have helped us along the way. Not all can say that about their momma, and that makes us all the more thankful for you. Cayland and I love you so very much!! Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful momma!!!
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#herosonthehill today and my fellow Argonauts kicked some butt!! These were some quick edits I did- I'm so glad I get the privilege to capture these wonderful people doing the things they love. You guys did great!!!
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