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His scream my god
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@slowlikefire you guys put on one hell of a show last night
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@pftmband i could sit here and write a long paragraph about how fucking Awesome that show was but I'm lazy you guys are amazing though Follow up. Holy shit they followed me like i don't fangirl but the noise i made isn't human thank you
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So i know this is a band account and anime but i just got broken up with today and it hurt, god it hurt, but then i realized when someone can forget someone within one fight maybe they didn't love you at all. To everyone with a relationship if they don't treat you like you're the only one, if they get rid of you so fast you don't know what happened. Maybe they aren't the one you don't stop and collapse you pick yourself back up and be you! Don't let anyone stop that be yourself and You'll be okay again. I know this is long, and i know you don't care, but I also know there's someone out there that'll hear this and stop cutting, stop crying stop picking up the bullet just breath and remember there's someone out there for you #badbreakups #youareloved
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